Therapy for Individuals

What is your basic approach?

I start where you're at, and that can mean doing shorter goal-oriented therapy or long-term therapy focused on personal growth, or something in between. My style is reflective, honest, caring, and pragmatic. My therapy should help people clarify and cope with their emotions and connect to what gives meaning to their lives. I have experience with many forms of therapy and ultimately will match my interventions to a treatment plan based on your needs, goals, and desires.

How long will therapy take?

The length of time you spend in therapy will depend on your goals and how comfortable you are with making changes. Your seventh session is generally a good point to assess how well therapy is working for you. Also, you are welcome to work on a short-term goal and finish therapy, and then come back at a later point to revisit the issue, to address a different issue, or for longer-term growth.

I've never been in therapy before. What is it like?

Therapy sessions consist mostly of talking—primarily the client talking and the therapist listening in order to understand, support, and offer help as appropriate. Through this kind of talking, we should establish a trusting, professional relationship that you can grow in. And a key part of that growth is learning through experience how the process works for you.

During your first session, we'll do an assessment of your problems and goals and what kinds of treatment might be helpful. The assessment is a good time to ask more detailed questions about therapy. In future sessions we will work together to resolve problems and explore the goals you've set.

I'm worried that I'm too messed up for therapy.

If you feel troubled or have had bad experiences it's easy to feel that way. Therapy helps you to find new thoughts and feelings about yourself. My stance is to respect where you are and understand rather than criticize you.

My last therapist didn't help.

You're right to be shy about therapy if it didn't work. Please let me know what you didn't connect with in your last therapy. Therapy is very individual so not every therapist or style of therapy works with everyone. That's why I gear my approach to your personal assessment, and if I don't think I can help you I will refer you to someone who should be a better fit.

Will you do therapy with me if I'm just interested in personal growth or having a sounding board?

Yes, both of these are valid goals for therapy, and in your first session, we can confirm what you'd like to accomplish.

I have more questions before I come for an assessment.

You're welcome to ask them during our phone consult: 206.284.2276.